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"Sometimes in life God offers a great gift. Meeting Umaa has been that for me. Umaa's own radiance, vitality and presence has renewed my faith that beyond all of the health fads and trends, there is a wholesome path back to true wellness—and that is the path of Ayurveda.”

- Libby, Australia

"A beautiful Indian radiating calmness and inner beauty, of a suspended-in-time age...She was Umaa. The moment she started speaking I realized I had a master in front of me...Her words were simple, clear, and full of sense...Our consultation began to extend to all chapters of my life. She was slowly entering my heart at the front door at the speed of her words. I felt the urge to tell her everything about me, all my joys and sorrows under Umaa’s deep eyes...I wouldn’t have left that room for an infinite time. When leaving her I couldn’t help but crying. And I felt blessed to finally find what I was looking for since long ago: a superior light."


- Maria, Romania/Italy

"I felt listened to, acknowledged, valid, my opinions appreciated like never before. I felt loved. One hug from Umaa is like a hug from 100 mothers.


I started to use the tools Umaa gave me during consultations. After 1 hour of consultation and 3 hours of yoga with Umaa my view of life changed. The view of yoga changed. My eating habits changed. My body changed by losing weight easy and painless."

- Thea, Norway

"The very night after our consultation, I started sleeping again

after 18 years of insomnia."

- Cyril, France

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