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"Umaa is here to teach us and make us feel what really 'is'. After the class I observed her for a while, because I was curious about how she is and how she does it. Around her were all these young people who wanted to touch her and who tried to catch her attention. Also in this situation Umaa stayed who she is and she just gave. To my surprise, Umaa doesn't do anything special as in 'doing', she is just 'fully' herself. Umaa her Personality and Ego are entirely subordinate to the 'pure source', she's a part of the 'big picture' and that's her attitude in life and she propagates this in all it's purity."


- Veronica, Holland

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"I met U in 2011 after a few doors opened to India then Bali. When I practiced with you I couldn't believe is not the right word, I couldn't fathom what I was experiencing. One who embodied what was happening, one whose voice was resonating on so many levels at once. The micro and macro, the inner and outer. I was feeling what you were saying and what we were doing in practice. It was uncomfortable at times. So I introduced myself to you."


- Tom, USA

"I have never met anyone like Uma and it is possible that I never will. I believe that what Uma embodies and teaches is to be cherished, respected and protected and one of the absolute most enriching gifts of my life has been to study with Uma. I had heard about Uma from a fellow yoga teacher whom I very much respect and was intrigued. I had also heard a little of her controversial reputation. But within my first class with her at the Yoga Barn I immediately recognized the truth and depth of her teaching and I was so grateful to have finally found someone who could guide me to where I desired to go: ever deeper into the truth. I have studied with some of the most notable Yoga instructors in the US, Europe and Australia, but I have never called anyone else my teacher in this sense. When asked to describe Uma, my simple answer is: “she is the totality”. This of course includes many aspects, but I have experienced all of this as deep love and unraveled truth."


- Nicole, USA/Australia

Image by Ekabhumi © 2014 Uma Inder

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