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The views on this site are faithful personal perspectives, and not the claims of Umaa.

 - Max, Holland - Engineer, Architect/CityPlanner

Her yoga teachings are of an extraordinary level. I've never experienced something like that before before. And I knew: this is it.
The results are wonderful, but they can also be confrontational in itself. For some people this is a big problem. The outcome: negativity, envy and even hatred. History, moreover, has many recurring examples of this phenomenon.
Have these people, who pour lies about her and try to make it impossible for her to do her work, have they really once looked deeply into her eyes. I did and I could only see and experience a tremendous love: touched to the depths of my soul.

 - Tracey, Australia - Lawyer

I first met Umaa in her practice in October 2015 in Bali and since this time have continued to work with her.   I am a professional and lawyer from Australia and have been in demanding legal practice for over 15 years.
Upon meeting Umaa I became aware that she represented a deeply intuitive practitioner capable of translating ayurvedic practice into the current world.
In my experience Umaa has a real capacity to understand the powerful and often unspoken symbols marking the complexities in our lives.   She knows why and when we each need to reach out to address imbalance. More importantly,  she manages to identify the pathways to healing from a place of togetherness, with space and without rush or confrontation. I revisit our past interactions time and time again, always with a renewed or refined sense of understanding.
Umaa has a profound gift that she shares fearlessly, generously and with great care.

© 2014 Uma Inder

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