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"Needless to say I was highly skeptical of my first class with Uma. The board outside mentioned experiencing shaking and making strange noises. OK I thought, let’s keep an open mind while at the same time I labelled it all a crock of sh*.A few minutes into the class odd things were happening with my body, I was shaking and making decidedly unsexy sounds. If I had to give a brief summary of what I believe Uma facilitates, I would say that she accelerates Spiritual awakening. There are many responses to this. Some individuals grab the opportunity as the gift it is. Others are not as well equipped to deal with the changes (I have noticed a pattern of some having had prior issues with substances/gurus etc so it may be an ongoing issue of external blame)."


- Juliet, Australia

The views on this site are faithful personal perspectives, and not the claims of Umaa.

"I met Umaa during the SOSA Yoga Teacher Training held at Yoga Barn in 2011. At nightfall, we sat in a circle and chanted a mantra in repetition. When Umaa and I locked eyes, something awakened inside of me like a bolt of electricity surging up my spine and down my arms until I sat there, doubled over, bewildered, sobbing and unsure why.For the first time in my life, I felt accepted as is. For the first time in my life, I felt loved. Truly loved. I felt seen, truly seen. Wholly. No matter, no preference. Simply loved as is. Simply seen as is. I felt this myself and I experienced this first-hand with others too. The meltdown of truly being seen and feeling love is utterly heartbreaking and awe-some. The health that follows is inevitable."


 - Eugenia, USA

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"You take my contradictions and polarities and dissolve them and let them coexist in a nurturing way at the same time and most importantly you have shown me how to do that myself in my own body. That's YOUR magic."


- Rina, Germany

Image by Ekabhumi © 2014 Uma Inder

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