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The views on this site are faithful personal perspectives, and not the claims of Umaa.

 - Buster, Sweden - Licensed Mental Health Counsellor, Psychotherapist specialising in Trauma and Addictions

I have always been drawn to teachers who have been through hell and back. Maybe its because its the only journey I know myself, having struggled with suicide and addictions. Maybe its because they radiate the light I was thrown into when I had nothing more in me to resist life itself. Maybe I feel seen by them cause of where they have been. Maybe its because the spark in their eyes remind me of that it was worth it, every effort it took to get to experience this moment with them. In this moment we share something infinitely profound and incomprehensible yet simple, precious and complete.
From where she was looking at me I was reminded of those deep moments of let go. She had died, I thought. She had let go, all the way. I wanted her to take me there, to kill me. Take me in her arms, crush me, rip me apart, and throw what was left of me back at who I am underneath it all.
Umaa is obviously not the cookie cutter kind of teacher. She is Kali embodied. Her teaching is designed to kill you. To cut your head off. Metaphorically speaking. And if you are not up for dying. What the f*** are you doing hanging around her? Attend any of the other nice workshops that the Ubud scene is so full of. Feel good evolution is everywhere else. Umaa is in it for real.

 - Cecile, Holland - Former Child Rights Activist

I have been in close contact with different spiritual teachers all my life, one of them is Osho Rajneesh in who’s Ashram I spend several years. I also have been practicing different styles of yoga, but never before I had encountered a yoga teacher who touched me the same way as my spiritual teachers did.
I found her conduct absent of all the little manipulations that are part of our “normal” social behavior and which is common in so many human interactions. No need for her to please anybody or play anyone’s game in order to achieve a desired outcome, I saw her authentic responses functioning like a mirror to anybody interacting with her. If somebody does not like what he sees or is hurt by the image in the mirror, does that make the mirror responsible? A mirror is just a mirror.

© 2014 Uma Inder

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