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"I prostrate immediately in gratitude for all of who and what you are that has offered fruit of such substance and magnitude. You have unlocked doorways I did not know existed, guided me down pathways I feared to tread alone. Thank you for showing me that magic is real. Thank you for caring so deeply as to stamp the shit out of my ignorance and allow me to remember the nature of my true self. Thank you for bringing yoga to life with such power I can only laugh at the miracle of it all. Thank you for the grace. Thank you for a voice of such richness and wealth. Thank you for bringing alive my humanity, just being around you has allowed me to feel the divinity of my own misery. U have embodied all that one could ever have brought me down, down, down so that I need not search any more, but find the seamless truth within every experience...

Umaa - Shiva - Kali - Bhairava : Even the greatest of names are not enough, and I prostrate at your feet in deepest gratitude, to U, the heavy one, who has lit my way in every way."


- Layla, USA


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"For Umaa to say 'I am no one’s guru' is liberating me and it is truth...

It was clear that everything we had been holding onto was held up to us as falsehood. We made Umaa our teacher and we created expectations around that, expectations that Umaa never gave us to hold onto, but we created them as a way to engage. We created a false relationship to Umaa...We made Umaa our escape goat, we used her, for all our failures, for everything we were not getting, we used her to bitch at, we began hating her for leaving us. We began to hate her for not loving us the way that we wanted, for not being what we wanted her to be, creating a strangle hold around her. Creating so many clever boxes and watching for when she would slip and fall from the pedestal we put her on. Waiting to see when she would make a mistake, when we could say "that must mean she's not divine", 'oh she's lying', 'can't trust her'. We were looking for loop holes, so we could say that Umaa was a fraud or a fake and then give ourselves an escape route."​



- Rani, India/UK

 Image by Vanessa Boyd © 2014 Uma Inder

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