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The views on this site are faithful personal perspectives, and not the claims of Umaa.

"I remember wondering why people would touch Swami Satchidananda’s feet when I lived at his ashram. I can now say I absolutely know why I threw myself at Umaa’s feet. It is an overwhelming feeling of love, gratitude and devotion for her willingness to pierce me with her love—God’s love.

A complete surrender in total trust to God in the form of Umaa. An awe that I am fortunate enough to be in her presence and receive transmissions that are wiping out lifetimes of karma. Priceless, overwhelming wonder and bliss." 

- Devika, USA

"Uma is the only person who I believe to have seen me fully and loved me wholly. Uma is the person I trust most in this world. Her power and energetic presence is undeniably grand, which can be attractive for those looking for answers and threatening to those who are afraid. Uma is pure; knowledge, energy, truth and love which takes shape in many forms. Because that is reality. She is magic, she is tapped into worlds that to the naked eye are unseen and misunderstood. Uma is a bridge, a vessel, a translator, a mirror."


- Rita, USA

"I've always been a lover. I've had countless loves in my life. But one thing that was continuously reflected to me, is that my love was too much. No one could take it all in.

When I first met Umaa, I finally found the one person that could receive all of me. And not only receive me but love me way past what I thought love could be. And not just me, everyone around her, freely, openly, indiscriminately, without any conditions nor obligations.

Without games nor manipulations. Without needs nor fears."


- Mateo, France

"You have made me find God Umaa....I looked at you one day and saw God. I saw love. 

I saw love!! Found love in me because of you!! Thank you."

- Malcolm, Australia

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 Image by Vanessa Boyd © 2014 Uma Inder

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