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"I fell in love. I saw the stars, moon, sun, the whole U-niverse in Umaa's smile and eyes. My body took me to bow at her feet. A force awoke in me. I was screaming, growling, sounding out a primitive animalistic language. Felt primal, hammering the floor, going up, going down, twisting, spitting poison, loving U, hissing with her, calling out 'Yes yes yes'.


It was like an out of body experience, but I was very much there. I was completely surrendered to Umaa. My body went into shapes I've never been in before. I spoke a language I do not know, but I knew. Umaa is the universe right there in front of me. I went into that." 


- Karen, Denmark

"I see Umaa as an everpresent union of the creative and destructive forces of duality. Neither death nor birth, but rather the void which allows the two to exist. Just like how the up/down fluctuations of sound could not exist without the silence beneath providing space for the sound to be, Umaa resides as the silence. And when one creates sound from silence, there can be no illusion. When Umaa speaks, there is only truth. No up without down, no creation without destruction, no birth without death, no preference, no choice, no denial, no approval, as one sees both sides of all that is spoken and knows that neither is true, for one resides in the truth. The process Umaa is providing guides us deeper into the roots of our own existence and as we travel down there we find all the cages of limitation that have been awaiting death from the very moment we identified our existence with them. We are given the keys to unlock them and dynamite if the keys are too frightening. Once a cage has been unlocked/dissolved, an experience of death and birth occur simultaneously and we become more aware of our true nature."  

                                                                - Rick, Australia

The views on this site are faithful personal perspectives, and not the claims of Umaa.

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"Umaa has given me back the respect for the teacher again, she is so honest. I have such high standards when it comes to teachers. She is more Westernized than maybe I am and yet she is more Indian than the Indians in India. She has such respect for the gurus. There is all of this energy but what are you going to do with it? It has to be for God and love."


- Juergen, Germany 

 Image by Vanessa Boyd © 2014 Uma Inder

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